Step-By-Step Process

The designing of a web page is a fluid thing. There are several steps to creating an effective web page including, brainstorming meetings, user interview, prototyping, and several rounds of revisions.

Step 1: Introductions

At the introductory meeting our designer will get a thorough understanding of your business, how you present yourself to your clients, and what makes your company unique. We will also discuss your target clientele, and the browsing trends they have. From there you and our designer look at a large range of web designs and templates so we can get a feel for the styles that fit your company.

Step 2: A Fitting Design

At the second meeting our designer will present several images and layouts based on the styles you liked in the first meeting. Here you’ll choose which parts of each style you like and we’ll blend them together for a truly customized site design. We’ll also discuss in more detail the content we’ll likely need for your site and any other additional design elements.

Step 3: Final Design Revision

The third step will bring the final round of design revisions. Here we will present a finalized design of each page on your site and you’ll be able to make any last minute changes. Perfecting the wording will be discussed as well as updates to any marketing information.

Step 4: Working Models

At this stage we’ll present a basic version of your website. The design developed over the last several meetings will be hard coded and presented in a web browser so you can see very clearly what the finished project will look like.

Step 5: Going Live

We’ll present to you the finalized website and all documentation for a final approval. Following that we’ll post the files online and present to you the finished product as it will be seen by your clients. Final billing will be completed and we’ll discuss exact scheduling for the web management.


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